Welcome to Wimerville Pics and Sandites.Com.  Updated September 16 2013 with last year's Prom Walk-in pics, 8/20/13 Volleyball vs Bixby, 9/3/13 Volleyball vs Owasso, 9/5 Softball vs Bixby, AND...9/6 FOOTBALL vs Muskogee.  Click a picture below to see ALL PICTURES for that event

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Jake Wimer 'Wimerville'

For those who don't know me...I'm Jake (and everyone is welcome to call me Jake).  The pictures and website are just hobbies of mine which started when my older kids were at CPHS.  We have a FANTASTIC TOWN...don't miss the opportunity to come out and support the Sandites.  See you at a game. and Wimerville Pictures


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New Year & New Athletes

Welcome to the 2013-2014 CPHS Sand Springs Sandites school year. Let's shoot some film (digital of course) and put some memories on

I'll be showing up here and there as I can.  Catch me when I'm around and have me grab a pic for the website.



Lady Sandites Softball (Pictures coming soon)

Sand Springs Sandites vs Bartlesville.  September 24, 2013

Two Towns Sharing the Same Road.  HWY 97!

North and South.  The rivalry still lives.

Sand Springs vs Sapulpa.  September 20, 2013

(Added September 25, 2013.   Picture gallery included.)

Lady Sandites Vollyball (Pictures coming soon)

Sand Springs Sandites vs Metro Christian.  September 19, 2013

Lady Sandites Host Our HWY 97 Neighbors

Settling  differences at the NET!

Sand Springs Sandites vs Muskogee.  September 17, 2013

(Added September 25, 2013.   Picture gallery included.)

Lady Sandites Host the Ladies from Stillwater

Full out action on the dirt diamond

CPHS Sandites vs Stillwater.  September 13, 2013

(Added September 25, 2013.   Picture gallery included.)

Sand Springs LOVES Their FOOTBALL!!!

Couldn't ask for a much better Season Opener.  Great Game Sandites.

Sand Springs Sandites vs Muskogee.  September 6, 2013

(Added September 18, 2013.   Picture gallery included.)

FAST PITCH!  Softball with an ATTITUDE!

Sand Springs Lady Sandites vs Bixby.  September 5, 2013

(Added September 18, 2013.   Picture gallery included.)

VOLLEYBALL.   Save...Set...BAM!

Cheering is like a B-12 shot.  Come Yell it Out for the LADIES.

Sand Springs vs Owasso.  September 3, 2013

(Added September 18, 2013.   Picture gallery included.)

Lady Sandites Volleyball

Come CHEER these Ladies on.  You'll love it!

Charles Page High vs Bixby.  August 20, 2013

(Added September 16, 2013.   Picture gallery included.)

Red Carpet 2013 - CPHS Sandites Prom

A Sand Springs Tradition of Glamour and Style

Sand Springs CPHS Prom Walk-in @ The Dubie.  May 4, 2013

(Added September 16, 2013.   Picture gallery included.)

 Thanks CPHS for providing me with a GREAT Hobby.


I'm heading into my 9th year of taking sports pictures (and Prom).

I can't say enough about Sand Springs.

It's my town.  It's where my kids have grown up,

and it's where I have met so many awesome Sand Spring'ers

and CPHS'ers.

CPHS'ers...don't just stand on the sidelines and in the shadows this year.

You can make a choice of what you do with each day...

...but once it's only a memory you can never change it.


Jake (



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