Wimerville Pics and Sandites.Com  (Updated May 29th - Added pictures of May 17th-18th Senior Celebration 'Up All Night' (Hypnotist pictures still to be added).   Recent adds are:  May 17th CPHS Class of '08 Graduation, April 28th Girls Regional Tennis, April 24th Sand Spring Educational Foundation 'Hall-of-Fame' Dinner, May 22nd Baseball 'Senior Night' game.)  Check back later for other pictures that aren't posted yet.   ...Click on one of the below pictures to see ALL THE PICTURES for that event

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Sand Springs Community Events

2009 Angus Valley 'Rose Hill' Trip
2008 SS Educational Foundation Dinner
2006 July Mid-Life Crisis @ SS Triangle
2007 June Sean Adair @ SS Triangle


Aug '08 'Meet the Sandits'
Oct '07 CPHS 'Senior Night' Seniors
Oct '07 CPHS vs Washington
Oct '07 CPHS Senior Night Pep Rally
Oct '07 CPHS vs Owasso
Oct '07 CPHS (Homecoming) vs Sapulpa
Oct '07 CPHS Homecoming Bonfire
Sep '07 CPHS vs Bartlesville
Sep '07 CPHS vs NOAH
Aug '07 1st Football Game Pep Assembly
Aug '07 CPHS vs Ponca (1st '07-'08 Game)
Aug '07 'Meet the Sandites'
Nov '06 Senior Night - CPHS vs Muskogee
Nov '06 Senior Night - Senior Players
Oct '06 CPHS vs Owasso
Oct '06 CPHS vs Jenks
Oct '06 CPHS vs Sapulpa
Sep '06 Football Homecoming Activities
Sep '06 CPHS vs N.E. Christian
Sep '06 CPHS vs Tulsa East Central


Feb '08 CPHS vs Bixby
Feb '08 CPHS Homecoming vs Enid
Jan '08 CPHS vs Cascia
Jan '08 CPHS vs Owasso
Jan '08 CPHS vs Sapulpa
Jan '08 CPHS vs Ponca City
Dec '07 CPHS vs Bartlesville
Dec '07 CPHS vs Owasso
Dec '07 Meet the Athletes
Feb '07 CPHS vs Union
Feb '07 Senior Night vs Sapulpa (Boys)
Feb '07 Senior Night vs Sapulpa (Halftime)
Feb '07 Senior Night vs Sapulpa (Girls)
Feb '07 CPHS vs Jenks
Feb '07 Homecoming vs Ponca City (Guys)
Feb '07 Homecoming vs PC - Halftime
Feb '07 Homecoming vs Ponca City (Girls)
Jan '07 CPHS vs Bartlesville
Jan '07 CPHS vs Broken Arrow
Dec '06 CPHS vs Stillwater
Nov '06 CPHS vs Bixby
Feb '06 Senior Night vs Union
Feb '06 CPHS vs Stillwater
Jan '06 Homecoming vs Broken Arrow
Jan '06 Sand Springs Tournament vs Sapulpa
'05-'06 Season Misc. Pics


Apr '08 CPHS (Senior Night) vs Stillwater
Apr '08 CPHS Senior Night Seniors
Apr '08 CPHS Sand Springs Tournament
Apr '07 CPHS vs Sapulpa @ Driller Stadium
Apr '07 CPHS vs South Broward


Jan '08 CPHS Homecoming Queen & Court
Jan '08 CPHS Homecoming vs Sapulpa
Dec '07 CPHS vs Bartlesville
Jan '07 CPHS vs Broken Arrow
Jan '07 CPHS vs Stillwater


May '08 Girls Tennis Regionals
Mar '08 Guys Tennis @ Jenks Tournament
Mar '07 CPHS @ Cascia Hall Tournament


Apr '08 CPHS (Senior Night) vs Claremore
Apr '08 CPHS Senior Night Seniors
Mar '08 CPHS vs Bartlesville


Mar '08 CPHS Sand Springs Tournament
Apr '07 CPHS Girls @ Jenks Tournament


Mar '08 CPHS vs Owasso


Sep '07 CPHS Volleyball


Nov '06 Football Senior Night - Band


Mar '08 CPHS Cheer Banquet
Sep '07 2nd Warehouse Market Car Wash
Sep '07 CPHS State Comp @ Norman
Aug '07 CPHS Cheer Clinic
Jun '07 Cheer Camp @ OU
Jun '07 Whitehawk Golf - Random Pics
Jun '07 Whitehawk Golf - Sponsors
Jun '07 Whitehawk Golf - Teams
May '07 Warehouse Market Car Wash
Mar '07 CPHS '07-'08 Cheer Squad
Mar '07 Banquet @ Olive Garden
Dec '06 NCA Nationals @ Dallas
Nov '06 Football Senior Night - Cheer
Sep '06 Catoosa Regional
Sep '06 CPHS Cheer Lock-in
Mar '06 Banquet @ Olive Garden
Aug '06 CPHS Cheer Clinic
May '06 Warehouse Market Car Wash
Jan '06 ASC Nationals in OKC
'05-'06 Season Misc. Pics
'05-'06 Season Misc. Pics 2
Aug '05 CPHS Cheer Clinic
Jun '05 Whitehawk Golf Tournament

Dance Team

Nov '06 Football Senior Night - Dance
Jan '06 CPHS Dance ASC OKC National

Pep Assembly

Feb '08 CPHS Pep Assembly
Oct '07 Football Senior Night Pep Rally


'06-'07 CPHS Academic Team


May '08 CPHS Graduation
May '08 CPHS Senior Celebration
May '08 CPHS Sr Celebration Hypnotist
May '07 CPHS Baccalaureate
May '07 CPHS Graduation
May '07 CPHS Senior Celebration @ TU

CPHS School Dances

May '08 CPHS Prom
May '08 Prom (Britton's Group)
May '08 Prom (Corbin's Group)
Jan '08 CPHS Winter Ball
May '07 CPHS Prom
Dec '06 CPHS Winter Ball

CPHS Class of 2008.  Senior Celebration 'UP ALL NIGHT'

Who needs sleep!  From 11:00pm to 7:00am the Sandite Seniors partied down and stayed 'Up All Night'.

Food - Prizes - Casino - Ping Pong - Pool - Tattoos - Karaoke - Weddings - Hypnotist - Inflatable's - GOOD TIMES!

CPHS Class of '08 Senior Celebration @ TCC West Campus.  May 17th (late) and 18th (early), 2008

(Added May 29th, 2008.  Picture gallery included.)

CPHS Senior Celebration 'Up All Night' (non-hypnotist)

CPHS Senior Celebration 'Up All Night' (hypnotist)

Charles Page High School Sandites, 2008 Graduation

Congratulations Graduates!  Remember these times. . .they will hold some of your fondest memories.

I have had a great time recording memories of your senior year.  (Wimerville)

I must daughter was my main focus of the night.  There are times when a dad just needs to be a dad.  Congrats Britton!

CPHS 2008 Graduation @ ORU Mabee Center.  May 17th, 2008

(Added May 25th, 2008.  Picture gallery included)

Additional Pictures & Pictures of Britton


Welcome to THE DANCE.  A year of planning...a year of anticipation.

What is not seen in the pictures is the love and effort of the parents in making this night a special night.

Many pictures came out blurry but if at all possible I wanted to post them so they could be viewed.

There was a lot of money spent on dresses, hair, jewelry, shoes, tuxes, limos, dinners, etc.  These memories should be enjoyed.

Charles Page High School Ed Dubie Field House  Saturday, May 3rd, 2008

(Added May 11th, 2008.  Picture gallery included)

Britton's Group (click)                                                                                                                                                                  Corbin's Group (click)

Charles Page High Sandites Girls Tennis

Congratulations Girls on a great year.  (PICTURES NOW POSTED)

Sand Springs @ the Tulsa Shadow Mountain Racquet Club.  April 28th, 2008

(Added May 1st, 2008.  Picture gallery included)

Sand Springs Educational Foundation HALL-OF-FAME DINNER

2008 Hall-of-Fame Inductees:  Charles Jestice & SSGT Billie 'Sonny' Hall

2008 Teacher of the Year:  Kathy Griffin, Pratt Elementary Kindergarten Teacher

Sand Springs, Oklahoma.  Ed Dubie Field House.  April 24th, 2008

(Added May 3rd, 2008.  Picture gallery included)

CPHS Sandites Baseball. . .SENIOR NIGHT

Thanks Baseball SENIORS.  You and your sport help make Sand Springs the great community it is.

CPHS Sandites Senior Night vs Stillwater @ Sandites Baseball Complex.  April 22nd, 2008

(Updated May 1st, 2008.  Picture gallery of Baseball Seniors.  Game pictures included.)

CPHS Baseball Seniors (click)

CPHS Baseball Senior Night vs Stillwater (Picture gallery included)

Charles Page High Soccer Senior Night

Sand Springs CPHS Sandites Soccer Recognizes the SENIORS.  Way To Go Seniors!

Charles Page Sandites vs Claremore @ Home.  April 15th, 2008

(Updated April 20th, 2008.  Picture gallery included)

CPHS Soccer Seniors (click)

CPHS Soccer Senior Night vs Claremore (click)


Charles Page High School Sand Springs Tournament

Sand Spring Tournament @ the Sand Springs Baseball/Softball Complex.  April 12th, 2008

(Added April 18th, 2008.  Picture gallery included...but with more to come)

CPHS '07-'08 Cheer Banquet

This is the sport that got me involved in taking Sandite sports pictures.

After many years of cheer, this is the last cheer event for my senior cheerleader daughter.

'I've loved taking pics of you cheering Brit.  I'll miss watching you fly, tumble, cheer & dance.  It's been a great regrets!

I love you. . .Dad.'

The CPHS Sandites Cheer Banquet @ Baxter's Interurban Grill.  March 8th, 2008

(Added March 31st, 2008.  Picture gallery included.)

CPHS Sandite Slow Pitch Softball

CPHS Ball Fields - 129th Street West & 55th Street South.  Now you know. . .See you there.

The CPHS Sandites vs Owasso @ Sand Springs Baseball/Softball Complex.  March 11th, 2008

(updated March 20th, 2008.  Picture gallery included.)

CPHS Sandite Soccer

Charles Page High Soccer.  Its Not Backyard Kickball. . .This is Serious Stuff.

The CPHS Sandites vs Bartlesville @ Memorial Stadium.  March 11th, 2008

(Added March 17th, 2008.  Picture gallery included.)

CPHS Sandite Golf

Charles Page hosts the Sand Springs Tournament at 'The Canyons at Blackjack Ridge'

The CPHS Sand Springs Tournament @ The Canyons, March 11th, 2008

(Added March 17th, 2008.  Picture gallery included.)

Basketball Is Over But The Court Is Still Hot. . .Its SANDITE TENNIS!

You support Football, You support Basketball, you support Baseball. . .Come Support a Tennis Match.

CPHS Sandites @ the Jenks Tournament.  March 1st, 2008

(Added March 2nd, 2008.  Partial Picture Gallery included.  More Tennis pics to come later.)

'07-'08 Charles Page Sandites' Last Home Basketball Game

Thanks for the great season Sandites.  Seniors. . .you will be MISSED!

Its been a joy capturing some of the excitement in pictures.  Thanks, Wimerville.

CPHS Sandites vs Bixby @ Ed Dubie Field House.  February 14th, 2008

(Updated February 18th, 2008.  Picture Gallery included.)

The Last CPHS School Pep Assembly for the Class of '08

To experience the best of the future you have to leave the best of the past.  Seniors '08.

Last Pep Assembly for CPHS Seniors.  Ed Dubie Field House.  February 14th, 2008

(Updated February 18th, 2008.  Picture Gallery included.)

Charles Page High School Basketball Homecoming Game

CPHS Sandites Homecoming vs Enid @ Ed Dubie Field House.  February 1st, 2008

(Added February 13th, 2008.  Picture Gallery included.)

Basketball Homecoming . . . Congratulations Alison

And Congratulations to the Basketball Kissing Captain - Matt

I would like to say how awesome the SANDBOX group is.  You all bring the spirit to the game

CPHS Sandites Homecoming vs Enid

Charles Page Basketball. . .Sandites vs Cascia

WOW!  These are the type of games that are pure excitement.  SANDITES!

CPHS Sandites vs Cascia @ Ed Dubie Field House.  January 29th, 2008

(Added February 17th, 2008.  Picture Gallery included.)

Sand Springs CPHS Wrestling Homecoming

CPHS Sandites vs Sapulpa @ Ed Dubie Field House.  January 24th, 2008

(Updated February 2nd, 2008.  Picture Gallery included.)

Crowning the Queen . . . Congratulations Ashton

Congrats to you too Ryan.  Kissing Captain is obviously a very tough job...(NOT)

The Matches . . . Another HWY 97 Clash

Sand Springs Sandites hosts Sapulpa

Sand Springs CPHS Basketball Takes on Owasso

It is just a great time going to CPHS basketball.  We are proud of our kids.

CPHS Sandites vs Owasso @ Ed Dubie Field House.  January 22nd, 2008

(Added February 9th, 2008.  Picture Gallery included.)

Tale of Two 'HWY 97' Cities.  Sand Springs Hosts Sapulpa

Its the Biggest Crowd...Its the Biggest Excitement...Its Sandites Basketball!

CPHS Sandites vs Sapulpa @ Ed Dubie Field House.  January 18th, 2008

(Updated January 21st, 2008.  Picture Gallery included.)

'07-'08 Sand Springs Sandite Basketball vs Ponca City

If you see a Sandite Basketball Player tell them how much you enjoy their game.

CPHS Sandites vs Ponca City @ Ed Dubie Field House.  January 8th, 2008

(Updated January 19th, 2008.  Picture Gallery included.)

2007-2008 CPHS Winter Ball

Charles Page High School Winter Ball @ Sand Springs Community Center.  January 12th, 2008

(Added February 10th, 2008.  Picture Gallery coming.)

Sandite Basketball.  Its a Great Night Out.

We love our City and we love our Sandites

CPHS Sandites vs Bartlesville @ the Ed Dubie Field House.  December 21st, 2007

(Updated December 26th, 2007.  Picture Gallery coming.)

On-the-Road with Sandite Basketball

Come on along and support your Sandites when they travel.  You'll be in good company.

CPHS Sandites vs Owasso @ Owasso.  December 19th, 2007

(Updated December 26th, 2007.  Picture Gallery coming.)

Welcome Back Sandite Wrestling

It was fast & furious. . .but it is always worth the trip.

CPHS Sandites vs Bartlesville.  December 4th, 2007

(Updated December 26th, 2007.  Picture Gallery coming.)

BASKETBALL. . .Meet the Sandites

(A few pictures from the 'Basketball Meet the Sandites' night)

(Updated December 26th, 2007.  Picture Gallery coming.)

Its a Senior Tradition.  The SENIOR CIRCLE After The Last Home Football Game.

Realization kicks in for Seniors that this is the beginning of the 'Last'.  GRAB THE MEMORIES!

Included in this gallery:  'Meet the Sandite Seniors.  Dance, Cheer, Football & Band'

Sand Springs gives recognition to the CPHS Seniors at the last home football game

(To my Senior daughter Britton...Mom and I love you LOTS.  Embrace everything you can during this your Senior year.)

CPHS Football 'Senior Circle.  October 26th, 2007

(Updated November 12th, 2007.  Picture Gallery included.)

For the Seniors. . .This is the Last Home Football Game of the 2007-2008 Year

The 1st season of Sandite Football in the 'New' Memorial Stadium will be remembered for years.

Thanks Sandites for making this a memorable season

CPHS Football 'Senior Night' vs Washington.  October 26th, 2007

(Added November 4th, 2007.  Picture Gallery included.)

Sandite 'Senior Night' Pep Rally.  Getting Pumped for the Last Home Football Game.

If you haven't been to a Sandite Pep Rally you are missing out!

CPHS 'Senior Night' Pep Rally.  October 26th, 2007

(Added November 11th, 2007.  Picture Gallery included.)

The Sandites Hit The Road To Take On Owasso.  FYI. . .Next Week Is SENIORS WEEK

CPHS Football vs Owasso @ Owasso.  October 18th, 2007

(Updated October 21st, 2007.  Picture Gallery included.)

HOMECOMING Congratulations Samantha Powell & Kyle Riggs

Its a tough job but somebody has to do it.  The most anticipated moments of homecoming week. . .'the Queen' & 'the Kiss'!

Charles Page High School (Homecoming) vs Sapulpa @ Memorial Stadium.  Friday, October 5th, 2007

(Updated October 8th, 2007.  Picture Gallery included.)

HOMECOMING!  V-I-C-T-O-R-Y. . .That's The Sandite Battle Cry

Sandites Bring Home a BIG WIN in the HWY 97 Sand Springs vs Sapulpa Rivalry

Charles Page High School (Homecoming) vs Sapulpa @ Memorial Stadium.  Friday Night Football, October 5th, 2007

Football Homecoming Week Activities - Homecoming-Eve CPHS Bonfire

CPHS Football Homecoming Bonfire.  Sand Springs, October 4th, 2007

(Added October 13th, 2007.  Picture Gallery added.)

Move Over Sooners. . .The CPHS Cheer Team Took the Floor at the Loyd Nobel Center

The Sandite Varsity Cheer Team Rolled into Norman for the State Cheer Competition

CPHS Cheer @ State Competition.  Loyd Nobel Center.  Norman, OK.  Saturday, September 29th, 2007

(Added October 8th, 2007.  Picture Gallery added.)

One More Car Wash Girls.  Thanks Sand Springs for your Dirty Cars & Support

Hey Seniors!  How Many Car Washes Have You Fundraised For Over The Years?

CPHS Cheer Fundraiser.  Warehouse Market Car Wash (thanks Warehouse Market).  September 22nd, 2007

(Added October 13th, 2007.  Picture Gallery added.)

OK . . . Let It Be Said . . . The New Memorial Stadium Absolutely Rocks

The Stadium is Nice...but the Players, Band, Cheerleaders, Dancers, Volunteers & Community Bring it to Life.

Charles Page High School vs Bartlesville @ Memorial Stadium.  Thursday, September 20th, 2007

(Updated September 28th, 2007.  Picture Gallery added.)

WOW Sandites. . .You Brought Down The House During 'Friday Night Football'

We have a BIG NEW HOUSE Sand Springs.  Come out and show the Sandites your support.

Charles Page High School vs NOAH @ Memorial Stadium.  'Friday Night Football', September 14th, 2007

(Added September 19th, 2007.  Includes Picture Gallery)

Girls CPHS Sandite Volleyball.  Set It Up and Slam It!

Charles Page High School Girls Volleyball @ Ed Dubie Field House, September 13th, 2007

(Added September 19th, 2007.  Includes Picture Gallery)


Sand Springs Sandites Initiates the New Stadium with its 1st Game & 1st WIN!

BIG THANKS To Everyone In Sand Springs That Made This Happen.  We Love Our Town!

The Sand Springs Community came out STRONG to Support Sandite Football.  You Filled the House Sand Springs!

CPHS vs Ponca City.  Charles Page High School Memorial Stadium.  'Friday Night Football', August 31st, 2007

(Modified September 2nd, 2007.  Includes Picture Gallery)

CPHS Gets Geared up at Pre-Game Pep Assemblies.  SANDITE POWER!

Sandites Raise the Roof During the Pep Assembly for the 1st Football Game of '07-'08

Charles Page High School Ed Dubie Field House.  Friday School Pep Assembly, August 31st, 2007

(Modified September 2nd, 2007.  Includes Picture Gallery)

Meet the 2007-2008 Sand Springs Sandites

'Meet the Sandites' Gives Sand Springs a Look at the 'NEW' CPHS Memorial Stadium

Charles Page High School Memorial Stadium.  Tuesday, August 28th, 2007

(Updated September 2nd 2007.  Includes Picture Gallery.)

'07-'08 CPHS Sandites.  CPHS Cheer 'Cheer Clinic'

The Current & Future Cheerleaders of Charles Page High School

Charles Page High School's Ed Dubie Field House, Sand Springs.  August 3rd & 4th, 2007

(added August 9th, 2007.  Includes Picture Gallery.)

2007-2008 CPHS Sandites.  NCA Cheer Camp

!Long Days and Hard Work.  Skill Building. . .Team Building

Senior Girls...Senior Year!  Make it a great year and cherish this time.

OU Campus.  Norman, OK.  June 6th - 9th, 2007

(updated June 13th, 2007.  Includes Picture Gallery.)

2007-2008 CPHS Sandites.  Whitehawk Golf Tournament Fundraiser

!The '07-'08 CPHS Cheer Team & Coach.  Thanks Sponsors & Golfers for your support.

Whitehawk Golf Club.  Bixby, Oklahoma.  Saturday, June 2nd, 2007

(updated June 11th, 2007.  Galleries included.)

Golf Sponsors (click)

Golf Teams (click)

CPHS 2007 Whitehawk Golf Tournament Random Pics (click)

2007-2008 CPHS Sandites.  CPHS 2007-2008 Cheer Team

!Warehouse Market Car Wash Fundraiser

(*not shown: Britton, Dakota & Shelby)

Sand Springs Warehouse Market (BIG thanks WM).  Saturday, May 12th, 2007

(modified May 23rd, 2007)

2007-2008 CPHS Cheer.  The 2007-2008 CPHS Sandite Varsity Cheer Squad

Sand Springs....Meet your 2007-2008 Charles Page High School Sandite Varsity Cheerleaders

Friday, March 16th, 2007

(updated April 6th, 2007 with the option to purchase prints)

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