Welcome to Wimerville Pics and Sandites.Com.  Updated September 7th - Added 2 new galleries.  Added 8/31 Softball vs Adair and 9/1 Volleyball vs Skiatook.  Recent Adds: 8/2 'Meet the Sandites', 8/17 Volleyball vs Lincoln Christian, 4/25 second game of the Sandites vs Enid baseball double-header.  Click on one of the below pictures to see ALL THE PICTURES for that event

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Added 9/7/09 - Volleyball vs Skiatook (9/1/09)

Added 9/7/09 - Softball vs Adair (8/31/09

Added 8/31/09 - 'Meet the Sandites' (8/27/09)

Added 8/22/09 - Volleyball vs Lincoln Chr. (8/17/09)

Added 8/15/09 - Game2 of Baseball vs Enid (4/25/09)


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Charles Page High School

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Sand Springs Community Events

2009 Angus Valley 'Rose Hill' Trip
2008 SS Educational Foundation Dinner
2006 July Mid-Life Crisis @ SS Triangle
2007 June Sean Adair @ SS Triangle


Aug '08 'Meet the Sandits'
Oct '07 CPHS 'Senior Night' Seniors
Oct '07 CPHS vs Washington
Oct '07 CPHS Senior Night Pep Rally
Oct '07 CPHS vs Owasso
Oct '07 CPHS (Homecoming) vs Sapulpa
Oct '07 CPHS Homecoming Bonfire
Sep '07 CPHS vs Bartlesville
Sep '07 CPHS vs NOAH
Aug '07 1st Football Game Pep Assembly
Aug '07 CPHS vs Ponca (1st '07-'08 Game)
Aug '07 'Meet the Sandites'
Nov '06 Senior Night - CPHS vs Muskogee
Nov '06 Senior Night - Senior Players
Oct '06 CPHS vs Owasso
Oct '06 CPHS vs Jenks
Oct '06 CPHS vs Sapulpa
Sep '06 Football Homecoming Activities
Sep '06 CPHS vs N.E. Christian
Sep '06 CPHS vs Tulsa East Central


Feb '08 CPHS vs Bixby
Feb '08 CPHS Homecoming vs Enid
Jan '08 CPHS vs Cascia
Jan '08 CPHS vs Owasso
Jan '08 CPHS vs Sapulpa
Jan '08 CPHS vs Ponca City
Dec '07 CPHS vs Bartlesville
Dec '07 CPHS vs Owasso
Dec '07 Meet the Athletes
Feb '07 CPHS vs Union
Feb '07 Senior Night vs Sapulpa (Boys)
Feb '07 Senior Night vs Sapulpa (Halftime)
Feb '07 Senior Night vs Sapulpa (Girls)
Feb '07 CPHS vs Jenks
Feb '07 Homecoming vs Ponca City (Guys)
Feb '07 Homecoming vs PC - Halftime
Feb '07 Homecoming vs Ponca City (Girls)
Jan '07 CPHS vs Bartlesville
Jan '07 CPHS vs Broken Arrow
Dec '06 CPHS vs Stillwater
Nov '06 CPHS vs Bixby
Feb '06 Senior Night vs Union
Feb '06 CPHS vs Stillwater
Jan '06 Homecoming vs Broken Arrow
Jan '06 Sand Springs Tournament vs Sapulpa
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Apr '08 CPHS (Senior Night) vs Stillwater
Apr '08 CPHS Senior Night Seniors
Apr '08 CPHS Sand Springs Tournament
Apr '07 CPHS vs Sapulpa @ Driller Stadium
Apr '07 CPHS vs South Broward


Jan '08 CPHS Homecoming Queen & Court
Jan '08 CPHS Homecoming vs Sapulpa
Dec '07 CPHS vs Bartlesville
Jan '07 CPHS vs Broken Arrow
Jan '07 CPHS vs Stillwater


May '08 Girls Tennis Regionals
Mar '08 Guys Tennis @ Jenks Tournament
Mar '07 CPHS @ Cascia Hall Tournament


Apr '08 CPHS (Senior Night) vs Claremore
Apr '08 CPHS Senior Night Seniors
Mar '08 CPHS vs Bartlesville


Mar '08 CPHS Sand Springs Tournament
Apr '07 CPHS Girls @ Jenks Tournament


Mar '08 CPHS vs Owasso


Sep '07 CPHS Volleyball


Nov '06 Football Senior Night - Band


Mar '08 CPHS Cheer Banquet
Sep '07 2nd Warehouse Market Car Wash
Sep '07 CPHS State Comp @ Norman
Aug '07 CPHS Cheer Clinic
Jun '07 Cheer Camp @ OU
Jun '07 Whitehawk Golf - Random Pics
Jun '07 Whitehawk Golf - Sponsors
Jun '07 Whitehawk Golf - Teams
May '07 Warehouse Market Car Wash
Mar '07 CPHS '07-'08 Cheer Squad
Mar '07 Banquet @ Olive Garden
Dec '06 NCA Nationals @ Dallas
Nov '06 Football Senior Night - Cheer
Sep '06 Catoosa Regional
Sep '06 CPHS Cheer Lock-in
Mar '06 Banquet @ Olive Garden
Aug '06 CPHS Cheer Clinic
May '06 Warehouse Market Car Wash
Jan '06 ASC Nationals in OKC
'05-'06 Season Misc. Pics
'05-'06 Season Misc. Pics 2
Aug '05 CPHS Cheer Clinic
Jun '05 Whitehawk Golf Tournament

Dance Team

Nov '06 Football Senior Night - Dance
Jan '06 CPHS Dance ASC OKC National

Pep Assembly

Feb '08 CPHS Pep Assembly
Oct '07 Football Senior Night Pep Rally


'06-'07 CPHS Academic Team


May '08 CPHS Graduation
May '08 CPHS Senior Celebration
May '08 CPHS Sr Celebration Hypnotist
May '07 CPHS Baccalaureate
May '07 CPHS Graduation
May '07 CPHS Senior Celebration @ TU

CPHS School Dances

May '08 CPHS Prom
May '08 Prom (Britton's Group)
May '08 Prom (Corbin's Group)
Jan '08 CPHS Winter Ball
May '07 CPHS Prom
Dec '06 CPHS Winter Ball

Prom 'Walk-In' Pics Now Posted

And It All Leads Up To This....PROM!

It's about the NIGNT...Dresses, Tuxes, Hair (for you girls), Pictures, Dinner, the 'Walk-In'...and finally...the DANCE!

Sand Springs Sandites PROM @ Ed Dubie Field House.  May 2, 2009

(Added May10th, 2009.  Walk-in pictures coming SOON.  Inside pictures to come later.)


CPHS Sandites Baseball Doubleheader.  2 Games...2 Sandite WINS!

Great Weather...Exciting Baseball...LOTS of Home Runs.  Question...where are the fans?  Come on out Sandites!

Sand Springs Sandites Baseball Doubleheader vs Enid @ Sand Springs Baseball Complex.  April 25th, 2009

(Updated May 5th, 2009.  Picture gallery added of Game 1.  Pictures from Game 2 will be coming shortly.)

(click below for 1st Game of Doubleheader)

(click below for 2nd Game of Doubleheader)


Sand Springs 'Hall of Fame' Dinner. 

Inductees: Jim Palmer & Deborah Browers Barnes.   2009 Teacher of the Year: Lisa Seay

Special thanks to Krista and Phil Avey for hosting my wife and I at the Arvest Bank table.  Thanks!

Sand Springs Ed Dubie Field House.  April 23rd, 2009

(Added April 25, 2009.  Picture to come later.)

CPHS Sandites Soccer Senior Night

Congratulations Seniors.  Thanks for the leadership and the memories.

Sand Springs Sandites Soccer (Senior Night) vs Owasso @ Memorial Stadium.  April 21st, 2009

(Updated April 29th, 2009.  Includes picture gallery.)

CPHS Soccer @ Sand Springs Memorial Stadium

Sand Springs Sandites Soccer vs Jenks @ Memorial Stadium.  April 10th, 2009

(Updated April 24, 2009.  Picture gallery included.)

  (click above for Girls Pics)                                                                                  (click above for Guys Pics)   

'08-'09 Sand Springs Sandites Baseball

Sand Springs Sandites Baseball vs Eufaula @ Sand Springs Baseball Complex.  April 9th, 2009

(Updated April 24, 2009.  Picture gallery included.)

Charles Page Sand Springs Sandites Soccer

Sand Springs Sandites Soccer vs Broken Arrow @ Memorial Stadium.  April 3rd, 2009

(Updated April 24, 2009.  Picture gallery included.)


                           (click above for Girls Pics)                                                                                       (click above for Guys Pics)                           

Congrats Madison Harris - '08-'09 Basketball Homecoming Queen

Congrats also the the very important Kissing Captain - Chance Desjarlais

Sand Springs Sandites Basketball Homecoming @ Ed Dubie Field House.  February 6th, 2009

(Added February 8th, 2009.  Pictures to come soon.)

CPHS Sandites Ed Dubie Field House Basketball

The Basketball Season will be over soon.  Give it all you have Sandites and FINISH STRONG!

Sand Springs Sandites vs Sapulpa @ Ed Dubie Field House.  January 16th, 2009

(Added January 24th, 2009.  All Pictures have been posted.)

                                          (click above for Girls Pics)                                                                                     (click above for Guys Pics)

CPHS Sandites Wrestling Homecoming

Congrats to the Homecoming Queen and her court.  Good homecoming win Sandites.

Sandites Wrestling Homecoming vs Stillwater @ Ed Dubie Field House.  January 13th, 2009

(Updated January 23rd, 2009.  All Wrestling Homecoming pictures now posted.)

Sand Springs Charles Page High School Sandites Wrestling

Happy New Year Sandites!  Make a resolution to support the Sandites in some way this year.

Sand Springs Sandites vs Union @ Ed Dubie Field House.  January 6th, 2009

(Added January 15th, 2009.  All pictures added.)

'08-'09 Sand Springs Charles Page High School Sandites

From the Athletes, to the Cheer Team, to the Band Members, to the Student Body...Stand Proud...You are a Sandite!

Charles Page Sandites vs Enid @ Ed Dubie Field House.  December 19th, 2008

(Updated December 28th, 2008.  All guys and girls pics are posted.)

(click above for girls pics)

(click above for guys pics)

Sandite Wrestling Kicks Off With A 30-23 Win Over 4th Ranked Del City

Way to go Sandites!  This is what you put in all the hours of hard work for...the WIN.

CPHS Sandites vs Del City @ Ed Dubie Field House.  December 11th, 2008

(Updated December 19th, 2008.  All pictures added.)

This Week Belonged To The Girls.  51-40...Girls Win!

You see a lot of Sandite Pride at the games.  We're PROUD of our town and PROUD of our SANDITES.

CPHS Sandites vs Bartlesville @ Ed Dubie Field House.  December 9th, 2008

(Added December 15th, 2008.  All pics added.)

BASKETBALL IS HERE.  Guys Pull Last Minute Win Over Bixby.

It's FAST...It's LOUD...It's HIGH-ENERGY.  Come on out Sand Springs and support the Sandites.

Charles Page High Sandites vs Bixby @ Ed Dubie Field House.  December 2nd, 2008

(Updated December 13th, 2008.  All pics added.)e

Sandites Powder Puff Football.  Seniors Win Over Juniors 14-12.

Congrats to the Powder Puff King and the Kissing (and Kissing and Kissing and Kissing) Captain

It was a night filled with tough football by the girls and some amazing cheer moves by the guys.  Go Sandites!

CPHS Sandites Powder Puff Football.  November 11th, 2008

(Updated November 19th, 2008.  All Powder Puff pictures added.)


Last Regular Season Game of '08-'09.  CONGRATS on Making the Playoffs!

With the size of our school...and being in the toughest 6A district in the guys rocked this year.

CPHS Sandites vs Jenks @ Jenks.  November 7th, 2008

(Updated November 13th, 2008.  All pictures now added.)

Friday Night Under the Lights.  It's SANDITE FOOTBALL!

Memorial Stadium is the place to be.  There's Food, Entertainment, Socializing.  It's everything you're looking for.

CPHS Sandites vs Muskogee @ Memorial Stadium.  October 10th, 2008

(Updated October 16th, 2008.  All pictures have now been posted.)

BIG WIN On The Road.  Great Game Sandites!

The Sandites hit the road to Bartlesville and brought home another BIG WIN.  Keep the fire guys!

CPHS Sandites vs Bartlesville @ Bartlesville.  October 3rd, 2008

(Updated October 10th, 2008.  All pics included.)

Sandite Volleyball 'SENIOR NIGHT'...Congrats Madison!

Madison is the only Senior on the CPHS Volleyball Team.  Thanks Madison for stepping up and leading this team.

Sandites (Senior Night) vs Sapulpa @ Ed Dubie Field House.  September 30th, 2008

(Added October 4th, 2008.  Pictures included.)

Homecoming.  Two Crowns...Two Queens...Two Kisses!

Sand Springs Football Homecoming made history by crowning two Homecoming Queens.  Congrats Jordan and Chelsea.

Charles Page High School Homecoming vs Memorial @ Sand Springs Memorial Stadium.  September 26th, 2008

(Updated October 2nd, 2008.  All Homecoming Court pics included.  Game Pics entry below Court entry.  All Game Pics included.)

(click for Homecoming court pictures)


(click for Homecoming game pictures)

The Game is Fastpitch Softball and these are your Seniors & Coach

It was Senior Night and the Seniors & the rest of the team brought home a BIG WIN against Union.  Great game Ladies!

Sandites (Senior Night) vs Union @ CPHS Softball Complex.  September 18th, 2008

(Update September 26th, 2008.  All pictures are now posted.)

This is the Sandites' House!  GAME ON!

The guys had some repairs to do and they got the job done tonight.

Charles Page High vs Stillwater @ Memorial Stadium.  September 12th, 2008

(Added September 12th, 2008.  Pictures included.)

Sandite Fastpitch Softball.  (these girls are good!)

This was the first time for me to shoot this sport.  These girls definitely aren't afraid to get a little dirt on them.

CPHS Sandites Sand Springs Tournament @ River City Softball Complex  September 6th, 2008

(Updated September 13th, 2008.  ALL have now been added)

It's Friday Night...Bright Lights...Band Playing...Crowd Cheering...IT'S FOOTBALL

Sand Springs came out strong for the opening home game @ Memorial Stadium.  Rock-On SANDITES!

CPHS Sandites vs Enid @ Memorial Stadium.  September 5th, 2008

(Updated September 10th, 2008.  Picture gallery included.)

Charles Page High School Volleyball

COME ON OUT SAND SPRINGS and support your Sandite athletes.  Great Game Girls!

Sand Springs Sandites vs Lincoln Christian @ Ed Dubie Field House.  September 2nd, 2008

(Added September 4th, 2008.  Picture gallery included.)

Sand Springs 2008-2009 'MEET THE SANDITES'

It's a new year and it's time to start snapping pictures of the CPHS Athletes and Students

I'm looking forward to seeing you on WWW.SANDITES.COM!

Sand Springs 'Meet the Sandites' @ Memorial Stadium.  Thursday, August 28, 2008

(Added September 1st, 2008.  Picture gallery included.)


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