Welcome to Wimerville Pics and Sandites.Com.   Updated May 7th - added PROM 'WALK-IN' pictures.  Recently added: 4/13 Soccer 'Senior Night', 4/10 Baseball Tournament (vs BTW), 4/3 Girls Tennis @ Lafortune, 3/11 Soccer vs Muskogee, 3/9 Soccer vs Ponca City.  Click on one of the below pictures to see ALL THE PICTURES for that event

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Our Hats Off to the Team

The '09-'10 Sand Springs Sandites football season is over.  Thanks players for the memories.  Thanks also to the Sand Springs community for the overwhelming support.  It is fantastic to look at our stands and see the seats packed with Sandite fans.

The support doesn't end here...we still have Basketball, Wrestling, Golf, Tennis, Slow-pitch Softball and a variety of other CPHS events where you can show your support.  Make it a night out and show up at something.  This is a great town!

Ask us 'older' people...time comes and goes faster than we realize and it is no different for this year's seniors.  Volleyball, Fast-pitch Softball and Football (and several other things) have all come and gone.  Seniors...don't stand on the sidelines while the rest of the year becomes only memories...get involved in whatever is happening and make memories that you will take with you for the rest of your life.  I hope to record some of these memories in pictures.

Tennis Classes Started in SS


For those in Sand Springs interested in tennis drills, we are looking for an indoor facility where we can continue drills during the winter months.  We are working with TU on providing cost effective instruction and facilities during the winter at the TU campus.

Our plan for spring is to bring back tennis drills locally to Sand Springs.

For those interested in winter drills and the TU option please send an email to



Sand Springs 2010 PROM Walk-In.  Yeah....It's a BIG DEAL!

The weather couldn't keep the tradition down. all LOOKED GREAT!

Note: It wasn't an easy night to take pictures.  At times it rained and I was trying to keep my camera semi-dry.  A couple of times my camera errored-out from being wet.  Often I couldn't get a fast enough shutter speed for a good pictures. And at times I didn't get pictures because couples would stop in front of other couples and block my shot.  I didn't get everyone...but all-in-all...I got most.

Enjoy viewing...Jake

CPHS Sandites 2010 Prom Walk-in.  Ed Dubie Field House.  May 1st, 2010

(Added May 7th.   Gallery pictures included.)

'Senior Night'...It's a Bitter~Sweet Event.  It's a Celebration of 'Last'

CPHS Sandites Soccer 'Senior Night'.  April 13, 2010

(Added April 26th.   Gallery pictures included.)

(click above for 'Senior Night' Senior pictures)

(click above for 'Senior Night' vs Bartlesville)

Go SANDITES.  The Wood Connected and the Guys WON BIG

CPHS Sandites vs BTW @ the Sand Springs Tournament.  April 10, 2010

(Updated April 18th.   Gallery pictures included.)

Have You EVER BEEN To A Tennis Match?  You'd be AMAZED!

CPHS Lady Sandites Tennis @ Lafortune.  April 3, 2010

(Added April 13th.  Gallery pictures included.)

Girls Soccer...WIN.  Guys Soccer...WIN.  Nice!

CPHS Sandites vs Muskogee @ Memorial Stadium.  March 11, 2010

(Added April 13th.  Gallery pictures included.)


Girls or Guys...the Object is the Same...Kick Goals and WIN!

CPHS Sandites vs Ponca City @ Memorial Stadium.  March 9, 2010

(Updated April 13th.  Gallery pictures included.)

Sandites Baseball Takes a WIN on the HWY 97 Rivalry

CHPS Sandites vs Sapulpa @ the Sand Springs Baseball Complex.  March 9, 2010

(Updated March 21st.  Gallery pictures included.)

CPHS Sand Springs Sandites Guys Golf Team

CHPS Sandites Sand Springs Tournament.  March 9, 2010

(Updated March 20th.  Gallery pictures included.)

Sandites Basketball 'SENIOR NIGHT'.  Congrats Seniors!

CHPS Sandites 'Senior Night' @ Ed Dubie Field House.  February 19, 2010

(Updated March 4th, 2010.  Gallery pictures included)

(click above for 'Senior Night' Senior pictures)

(click for Girls)                                                                                                     (click for Guys)

Congrats Queen Taylor Rooks & Congrats Team on 60-14 Win

CHPS Sandites 'Homecoming' vs Owasso @ Ed Dubie Field House.  February 9, 2010

(Added February 7, 2010.  Gallery pictures included)

(click above for Wrestling Homecoming pictures)

(click above for Wrestling vs Owasso pictures)


CHPS Sandites vs Bartlesville @ Ed Dubie Field House.  February 2, 2010

(Added February 7, 2010.  Gallery pictures included)


CHPS Sandites vs Stillwater @ Ed Dubie Field House.  January 26, 2010

(Added February 6th, 2010.  Gallery pictures included)


CHPS Sandites vs Broken Arrow @ Ed Dubie Field House.  January 19, 2010

(Added January 23rd, 2010.  Gallery pictures included)


'09-'10 CPHS Sandites 'Senior Circle'

After these pictures my camera decided to quit.  Hopefully it is fixable.  : (

November 6th, 2009

(Added November 14th, 2009)

Sandites = Guest.  You figure out the rest.

The 'Hwy 97 Rivalry'.  What's the Sandite Battle Cry....V-I-C-T-O-R-Y

CHPS Sandites vs Sapulpa @ Sapulpa.  October 30th, 2009

(Added October 31st, 2009.  Gallery pictures included.)


Great WIN Sandites!

CHPS Sandites vs Claremore @ Memorial Stadium.  October 23rd, 2009

(Updated November 1st, 2009.  Gallery pictures included.)

Friday Night Under the Lights.  FOOTBALL!

Sand Springs Sandites vs Broken Arrow @ Memorial Stadium.  October 15th, 2009

(updated October 29th, 2009.  Gallery pictures included.)

Sandite Football Queen and Kissing Captain

Congratulations Queen Rachel Chambers and Kissing Captain Johnny Deaton.

Sand Springs (Homecoming) vs Bartlesville @ Memorial Stadium.  October 2nd, 2009

(Updated October 10th, 2009.  Gallery pictures included.)

Our '09-'10 Lady Sandites Volleyball SENIORS!!!

It was 'Senior Night' and the Ladies came from a 2 game deficit to win 3 out of 5.   BAM!

CHPS Sandites vs Ponca City @ Ed Dubie Field House.  September 24th, 2009

(Updated September 27th, 2009.  Gallery pictures included.)

FINALLY!   It's SANDITE FOOTBALL at Memorial Stadium

Good thing we have this new stadium...the old one wouldn't hold all the SANDITE FANS

CHPS Sandites vs Ponca City @ Memorial Stadium.  September 18th, 2009

(Updated September 21st, 2009.  Gallery pictures included.)

The Lady Sandites Volleyball Team and their Groupies

Lady Sandites Volleyball vs Skiatook @ Ed Dubie Field House.  September 1st, 2009

(Updated September 7th, 2009.  Gallery pictures included.)

Girls Sports.  We call them Lady Sandites

These Ladies will AMAZE you!

Lady Sandites Softball vs Adair @ The Sandites Baseball/Softball Complex.  August 31st, 2009

(Updated September 7th, 2009.  Gallery pictures included.)


There's a year of excitement bursting through these flaps!

There's someone you know...There's a sport you'll like...Come out this year Sand Springs and....


Meet The Sandites @ Sand Springs Memorial Stadium.  August 27th, 2009

(Added August 31st, 2009.  Gallery Pictures included.)


1st Sandites.Com Pictures for the '09-'10 School Year!

Best 3 of 5 Games and Our Girls Took the Prize!  Congrats Girls.

Sandites Volleyball vs Lincoln Christian @ Ed Dubie Field House.  August 17th, 2009

(Updated August 22nd, 2009.  Gallery pictures included.)




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Added 4/18/10 - SS Baseball Tourney  (4/10/10)

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Latest comment:
I thoroughly enjoy the pictures that you post.  I have a senior dancer this year and have a son who graduated in '07.  You have provided pictures of not only several events of which they were a part but also some that they weren't that I would have missed out on if it weren't for you.

 Your pictures allow the rest of us to experience our children's high school life up close and personal.  I hope you get your camera fixed and have a continued desire to commemorate life at Charles Page High School but if that doesn't happen, thank you what you have been able to provide.


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